ACC Field Hockey Tournament Championship 2023


The ACC Field Hockey Tournament is an annual competition in the sport of field hockey among teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The tournament features ACC schools competing for the conference championship in field hockey. It typically occurs yearly, with teams like the University of North Carolina (UNC) and the University of Virginia (UVA) often being strong contenders.

ACC Field Hockey Standings

The ACC Field Hockey Tournament is among college sports’ most highly expected events. Each year, teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference match it on the field to decide who will be crowned champion. As fans eagerly await the tournament, they watch the ACC field hockey standings closely.

Throughout the season, teams compete against each other in conference play, getting wins and losses that ultimately shape their position in the standings. The top teams with impressive records rise to the top, while others fight for a chance to secure their spot in this prestigious tournament.

The ACC field is a regular source of excitement and intrigue for players and fans alike. It’s an ongoing race where every game counts and can impact a team’s standing within mere points or goal differentials.

Trainers carefully analyze these standings to measure their team’s progress and identify areas for improvement. Players make themselves harder, understanding that their performance directly impacts their team’s place in practice for the upcoming tournament.

ACC All-Tournament Team Field Hockey

The ACC All-Tournament Team in field hockey is a prestigious honor presented to the top players in the conference. These athletes have showcased excellent skills and contributed significantly to their teams’ success throughout the tournament.

A selection board carefully considers players’ performance from all participating schools annually. The committee considers factors such as goals scored, assists made, defensive play, leadership qualities, and overall impact on the game. It’s no easy task to make it onto this team – competition is robust!

Being named to the ACC All-Tournament Team recognizes individual talent and highlights the strength and depth of each team’s roster. These standout performers proudly represent their universities and leave a lasting impression on fans and competitors alike.

ACC Field Hockey Tournament Tickets

ACC Field Hockey Tournament Tickets

Are you a die-hard fan of ACC field hockey? Do you dream of watching the thrilling matches live, cheering for your favorite teams, and seeing history being made on the field? Well, you’re in luck because the ACC Field Hockey Tournament is just around the corner! And what better way to experience this electrifying event than securing your tickets?

You can find information about buying tickets for the ACC Field Hockey Tournament by visiting the official websites of the tournament organizers and related sources. Here’s where you can find such information:

  1. Suggest counter arguments may have specific details about ticket availability, pricing, and purchase options. You can check for updates regarding ticket sales on this website.
  2. NCAA Tickets: Visit the NCAA Tickets website ( for information on buying tickets for field hockey games, including championship events. While it may not provide specific ACC Field Hockey Tournament ticket details, it could be a source to check for ticket availability closer to the event.
  3. University Websites: The websites of the universities participating in the tournament may also provide ticket information. You can check the field hockey pages of universities like Virginia, North Carolina, and others for details on ticket sales.
  4. Local Ticket Offices: In some cases, you may be able to purchase tickets through regional ticket offices associated with the tournament venue. Contact the ticket office of the host university or venue for ticket-related inquiries.
  5. ACC Field Hockey Schedule Page: The ACC Field Hockey Schedule page for the current year may provide updates on ticket information. You can check this page for announcements regarding ticket sales.

What were the ticket prices for the previous year’s ACC Field Hockey Championship?

The ticket prices for the previous year’s ACC Field Hockey Championship, which took place in 2022, were as follows:

  • Championship Pass (All Days): $10.00
  • Single-Game Adult Tickets: $5 each

These ticket prices apply to the 2022 ACC Field Hockey Championship held at Williams Field at Jack Katz Stadium. Additionally, ACC students with a school ID were admitted free of charge, providing an opportunity for students to attend the event without purchasing tickets.

ACC Field Hockey Tournament Bracket

The ACC Field Hockey Tournament bracket is an exciting part of the championship that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. This single-elimination format pits the top teams from the regular season against each other, creating intense matchups and compelling storylines.

As the tournament progresses, teams battle it out to claim a spot in the final. The bracket reveals who will face whom, building tension and generating buzz among fans and players. Each game brings its unique challenges and surprises, as underdogs have the opportunity to upset higher-ranked opponents.

The bracket also visually represents teams’ progress throughout the tournament. Fans can track their favorite team’s journey from round to round, eagerly awaiting each result. It adds another layer of excitement as supporters try to predict which teams will advance and ultimately reach the championship match.

ACC Field Hockey Tournament Schedule

The ACC Field Hockey Tournament schedule is one of collegiate field hockey’s most highly expected events. It brings together some of the top teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference to compete for the championship title. Fans and players alike eagerly await the release of the tournament schedule each year as it sets out all the thrilling matches that will take place.

The schedule typically spans over a few days, with multiple games scheduled each day. This allows fans to engage themselves in an action-packed weekend of extreme competition. Each team will face off against their opponents, wishing to advance through each round and ultimately reach the championship game.

Tuesday, Oct. 31TBDTBDStatBroadcastACC Network
Tuesday, Oct. 31TBDTBDStatBroadcastACC Network
Tuesday, Oct. 31TBDTBDStatBroadcastACC Network
Wednesday, Nov. 1TBDTBDStatBroadcastACC Network
Wednesday, Nov. 1TBDTBDStatBroadcastACC Network
Friday, Nov. 3TBDTBDStatBroadcastACC Network

ACC Field Hockey Stats

Regarding the ACC Field Hockey Tournament, keeping track of the stats is always an exciting part of the competition. The field hockey stats provide a deeper understanding of each team’s performance, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses throughout the tournament.


1North Carolina2184214.0001.003.006736453.716145
3Wake Forest2156262.6671.241.433430865.714141
4Boston College1840452.2222.50-0.282227777.631110
1North Carolina21364001457/63/0
3Wake Forest213086801414/37/0
4Boston College182771501102/213/0

ACC Field Hockey Championship History:

The ACC Field Hockey Championship has a rich history in collegiate field hockey. Here’s a brief overview of the ACC Field Hockey Championship history:

  1. Champion Determination: The ACC Field Hockey Championship has been a significant event in the sport since 1973. It is where the ACC’s top field hockey teams compete for the conference championship. The ACC Baseball champion was determined by regular season finish before 1973 and 1979.
  2. Dominance of Teams: The ACC Field Hockey Championship has seen various teams dominate. For example, the University of North Carolina (UNC) has had impressive streaks, including winning six consecutive ACC Field Hockey championships. UNC has a strong tradition of excellence in field hockey and has been a force to be reckoned with in the ACC.
  3. Competitive History: The ACC Field Hockey Championship is known for its competitive matchups and the high level of play among participating teams. Teams like UNC and others have consistently performed well, making the championship a showcase of top talent in collegiate field hockey.
  4. National Success: ACC teams that perform well in the conference championship often go on to compete at the national level. UNC, for instance, has won multiple national championships, adding to its legacy of success in the sport.
  5. Historical Significance: The ACC Field Hockey Championship is part of the broader history of ACC sports, and it highlights the conference’s commitment to excellence in field hockey and other collegiate sports.


The ACC Field Hockey Tournament is a pinnacle in collegiate field hockey, where teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference battle fiercely for the coveted championship title. The tournament showcases the top talent in the ACC and provides an electrifying experience for fans, with intense rivalries, remarkable plays, and the thrill of witnessing history in the making. 

The ACC All-Tournament Team recognizes outstanding individual talents, and securing tickets to the event is a dream come true for passionate fans. The tournament’s single-elimination format, revealed through the bracket, keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, and the eagerly anticipated schedule sets the stage for an action-packed weekend of competition.