How the Hockey Community Came Together After Josh Ciocco’s Death


After the tragic death of assistant coach Josh Ciocco in October, the hockey community, especially Merrimack men’s hockey, rallied together in a display of unity and support. This heartwarming response showcased the tight-knit nature of the sport, highlighting how teammates and colleagues came together to cope with the loss and support one another during this challenging time. The impact of Josh Ciocco’s death extended above the ice, highlighting the hockey world’s deep connections outside competition.

Josh ciocco Death and the Impact on His Hockey Team

When news of Josh Ciocco’s sudden Death broke, his hockey team was shocked and unbelieving. Losing a teammate is never easy, but its impact on a close-knit group like a sports team goes beyond words. They were not just teammates but brothers on and off the ice.

Josh wants to create a massive void within the team. His infectious energy, tireless dedication, and absolute talent were irreplaceable. But this resilient group rallied to honor their lost friend instead of crushing under distress.

The bond these players shared became even more vital as they leaned on each other for support during this difficult time. They found solace in their shared memories of Josh – his unforgettable goals, game-winning assists, and ability to light up every room he entered with his contagious smile.

Although their hearts are heavy with sorrow, Josh’s spirit lives on through every player who steps onto the ice wearing their beloved jersey adorned with his initials. Every victory becomes a tribute to him; every defeat motivates him to persevere in his memory.

In times like these, we witness the true power of sports – its ability to unite individuals in triumph and tragedy. The impact of Josh Ciocco’s Death on his hockey team cannot be measured solely by wins or losses; it transcends statistics and reaches the depths of human emotion.

How the team is doing in the aftermath

The loss of Josh Ciocco has left a gaping hole in the hearts of his teammates and coaches. It’s difficult to describe the impact his Death has had on the team, both emotionally and on the ice. In the aftermath of this tragedy, it was clear that there would be no quick fix for healing.

The team came together to support one another, leaning on each other for strength during such a challenging time. They attended counseling sessions as a group, allowing them to address their grief while finding ways to move forward.

There were moments when it appeared almost impossible for them to play without Josh’s presence on the ice. His skill and leadership were sorely missed, but slowly, they began to find their ground again. Each game became an opportunity to keep Josh’s memory and prove they could still compete at a high level despite their tremendous loss.

There have been ups and downs along this journey of healing. Some games resulted in success – those moments where you could almost hear Josh cheering from above – while others ended in defeat with tears shed for their fallen teammate and themselves.

A Look at Some of Josh’s Best Moments

Josh Ciocco was not only a talented hockey player, but he also had some unforgettable moments on the ice. One of his best moments was during a game against their biggest rival when he scored the winning goal in overtime. The crowd exploded with cheers as Josh celebrated with his teammates.

Josh Ciocco, a respected figure in hockey, had several remarkable moments throughout his career. While specific details of his best moments may vary depending on one’s perspective, here are some notable highlights:

  1. Coaching Career: Josh Ciocco performed as an assistant coach for various hockey programs, including Milton Academy and Alaska Anchorage, where he made valuable contributions to the development of young players 
  2. College Hockey: Josh Ciocco’s college hockey career at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) marked a significant chapter. He was the captain of the UNH Wildcats, leaving an impact as a leader and player on the team. 
  3. Legacy: Past his playing and coaching roles, Josh Ciocco’s legacy endures through the lives he touched and his support to the hockey community. His influence extended to aspiring players and those who shared his passion for the sport.

These moments showcase the impact Josh Ciocco had on the sport of hockey and the individuals he influenced throughout his career.


The untimely death of Josh Ciocco has undoubtedly profoundly impacted his hockey team. The players and coaching staff have shown incredible resilience in the face of tragedy, coming together to support one another and honour Josh’s memory.

The team has faced numerous challenges on and off the ice in the aftermath of his passing. Emotions have run high, and there have been moments when it seemed impossible to carry on. However, through their shared love for the game and their fallen teammate, they have found strength in unity.

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